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I am the new one29.6.2021 16:21Aurora
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Just wanted to say Hello!4.4.2021 15:11Abel
Hookup Women Employs Cost-free Issues? An Excellent Horizontal Benefit!

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Ruzynbe26.11.2012 11:01OK-LUK
Ahoj OK-JVK , ty pojezdove drahy se ti povedli , diky
Ruzyne2.10.2015 20:22OK-LUK
sry: Ahoj OK-JVK, ty pojezdové dráhy se ti povedly, Díky
L41021.3.2012 23:31Varjat
Hello Javky. Is it possible to get the latest version of L410 for FG?
Re: L41023.3.2012 12:36Javky
The "latest version" of L410 is very old and not functional at this moment. I'm sorry but there is no version for current (neither previous) FlightGear version.
L41027.8.2013 16:42Cossack90
Hello here you can find the L410: http://www.flightgear.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=15925
Nové stránky v provozu4.3.2012 23:01Javky
Tak, a nové stránky jsou v provozu. Ufff.


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